What is Tortuga's warranty?

If something is wrong and is our fault, we will make it right.

That's our guarantee.

Tortuga is a small business. We  live and die by our reputation, not by our advertising budget. If you have a great experience with a Tortuga product, we're both happy. 

All of our products are built to last. However, stuff happens.

If you have a problem, let us know, and we'll fix it as best as we can. We trust that you aren't trying to screw us over and hope to earn the same trust and respect from you. When something is wrong, we'll work together to make it right.

Tortuga was founded by two travel lovers who have been friends since childhood. We, Fred and Jeremy, grew up together just north of Pittsburgh. We've seen the world and are hungry for more. We built our first product to "scratch our own itch" for the  perfect travel backpack.

When you email us with a question or problem, you'll get a prompt response from one of our Concierges with the authority to fix your problem. You won't get the runaround. You'll get help. We aren't hamstrung by layers of management and rules. We're free to do what's right  for you. If you have a problem, tell us. We'll fix it.

Now, to make the lawyers happy (or at least as happy as lawyers get), here's our  official warranty.

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