Which daypack should I choose?

What's the best daypack for you? You can compare our daypacks side by side.

The Setout Packable Daypack is ideal if you want your daypack to pack as small as possible and don't need to carry heavy items like a computer. It's perfect to carry a light jacket, water bottle, snack, guidebook, and other sightseeing essentials.

The Outbreaker Daypack is perfect if you want to carry a laptop but still want the benefit of packing your daypack away in your carry on when not in use. The Outbreaker Daypack will pack flat in your carry on so it won't take up extra space.

The Setout Laptop Backpack is a fully featured daypack with added pockets and features to stay organized during your flight and at your destination. It's the perfect companion to a duffle bag or rolling suitcase.

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