What is the difference between the Tortuga Air and the Setout Divide?

While the  Setout Divide isn’t a re-design of the Tortuga Air, it does have the same benefits for the same type of travelers. We surveyed customers who carry the now-retired Tortuga Air on their travels and learned a few key things about how they travel, which features of the product they particularly love, and where we could improve. We incorporated those learnings into a brand new backpack: the Setout Divide.

Like the Tortuga Air, the  Setout Divide is a compact, expandable carry on backpack that opens in the middle with a mesh compartment on one half to keep your clothes organized. Some features that will be new to Tortuga Air customers -- the Divide has hideaway shoulder straps, a padded, removable hip belt, and has a pass through sleeve in the back panel so you can slide your backpack onto the handle of a wheeled suitcase.


The  Setout Divide expands from 26 to 34L (similar to the Air’s 27-35L) and will fit under the seat in front of you on most airplanes when you want easier access to your things. You won’t have to worry about overhead space if it is your only bag. We recommend reviewing your airline’s personal item guidelines before flying.


Like the Tortuga Air, the  Setout Divide opens from the middle, like a book, and has two divided sections in which to organize your clothes.

Electronics compartment

The  Setout Divide's electronics compartment opens from the top instead of from the side like the Air -- so it’ll be easier to access your laptop and tablet. And if you forget to close the laptop compartment, your laptop is safer and won’t fall out.

Shoulder straps

The  Setout Divide uses injection-molded shoulder straps that conform to your body and get more comfortable over time, just like sneakers. Once the straps have conformed to your body, they are even more comfortable than the Tortuga Air’s straps.

You’ll also be able to tuck away the Divide’s shoulder straps into its back panel for protection when carrying your backpack down the aisle of the plane or when stowing it in an overhead bin. Rest assured that your straps won’t get caught on other people’s luggage.

Hip belt

Many customers don’t want -- or need -- a hip belt on a smaller backpack like the Tortuga Air, but just as many customers want a hip belt no matter how small the bag. The  Setout Divide has a removable padded hip belt, just like the Setout Backpack, so you can choose the most comfortable fit for your travel style.

Water bottle pocket

The Tortuga Air’s water bottle pocket was narrower at the bottom which was a challenge for people with larger water bottles. The  Setout Divide’s water bottle pocket is taller and has width all the way down to accommodate larger water bottles. When you’re not using it, zip the water bottle pocket so it lays flat against your backpack.


The Tortuga Air had a front pocket with an organization panel as well as a hanging pocket on the top which was tough to use when the bag was full. The  Setout Divide has a larger, easier-to-access front pocket that can fit a light sweatshirt. The Divide has a small zippered compartment on the front for small, flat items that’s easier to access while en route.

See the Setout Divide in action.

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