What is the difference between the Tortuga Travel Backpack (V2) and the Setout Backpack?

What hasn’t changed

The  Setout Backpack is a new solution to the same problem. It is a maximum-size, front-loading carry on backpack that is ideal for urban travel. No more baggage fees. No more wasting time at the carousel hoping your luggage shows up. Get off the plane and get your trip started.

Upgrade in organization

The  Setout Backpack opens like a suitcase for easy organization, quick access, and painless unpacking. This optimizes space better than a backpack that hinges at the bottom when you’re packing on your bed or a luggage stand.

Setout includes an organizer panel for pens and other small items, one of your most requested features, as well as a flat front pocket for easy access to things like travel documents or a guide book.

The hip belt pockets maintain their built-in volume, even when you tighten the hip belt. Stash your phone and boarding pass in the hip belt pockets for easy access while en route.

Optimal comfort

Setout's injection-molded shoulder straps will conform to your body and get more comfortable over time, just like sneakers.

Removable hip belt

Like the Tortuga V2,  Setout's hip belt takes up to 80% of the weight off your shoulders. Now, you can remove the hip belt for a customized, comfortable fit.

Protect your straps

Simpler than V2’s zip away design, tuck  Setout’s shoulder straps into the back panel for protection when carrying your backpack down the aisle of the plane or when stowing it in an overhead bin. Your straps won’t get caught on other people’s luggage.

Access your electronics easily

The laptop compartment is now separated from the main compartment for easier access to your electronics.  Setout has an additional sleeve for a tablet and space for other flat items you want to stay safe.

Discreet water bottle pocket

Setout's water bottle pocket is made of stretchy material that lies flat against the bag when not in use so it doesn’t sacrifice internal packing volume.

Not sure if Setout is right for you?

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