Is the packing cube included in the Homebase Backpack also a daypack?

No, the packing cube is not a daypack.

The packing cube enables you to organize easily and separate clean clothes from dirty. The Homebase Backpack has the right amount of organization so that your work gear is already organized the way it needs to be for your day-to-day. Once you arrive in a new city, just remove the packing cube to transition your backpack into a daily work bag. You won’t have to reorganize all your gear into a different bag.

When designing the packing cube for the Homebase Backpack, it was important for us it stay true to our values, one of which is to make comfortable products. We rejected two options when considering doubling the packing cube as a daypack: add ultralight straps, or add padded straps. We rejected ultralight straps because they wouldn't have been in line with the level of comfort our customers value. Adding a padded set of shoulder straps would have decreased packing space while increasing weight and cost -- both dealbreakers for Homebase.

When you blend travel and work, you either need a separate bag for each purpose or need a bag that will do double duty. Our user testers expressed frustration with the need to carry a second bag inside of their main luggage while traveling indefinitely. People who combine work and travel need a comfortable fully featured work bag to carry all their gear. Based on their feedback, we designed a travel backpack that serves as your carry on and as your daily work bag. No daypack required.

The packing cube has d-rings if you’d like to attach a strap and use it as a shoulder bag. If you prefer a smaller bag for daily use, the  Outbreaker Daypack is a good option.

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