What materials are used in the Homebase Backpack?

For maximum durability, the  Homebase Backpack is built from LiteSkin waterproof sailcloth that won’t scuff or tear. The bag is fitted with water-resistant, lockable YKK zippers and Duraflex buckles -- both considered the best on the market -- for added durability.
The back panel is made of  Ariaprene, a high-performance foam engineered for tough workouts. It might already be in your favorite athletic shoes. If you’re wearing the Homebase backpack on a hot summer’s day, the Ariaprene back panel won’t absorb your sweat and, more importantly, won’t smell. Ariaprene is hypoallergenic and moves with your body instead of chafing. Wear a tank top -- or even wear the backpack shirtless -- your skin won’t complain.

For the shoulder straps, we combined injection-molded EVA foam for comfort with a layer of sweat-wicking mesh. The injection-molded shoulder straps will conform to your body and get more comfortable over time, just like sneakers.

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