What is the difference between the Tortuga Travel Backpack (V2) and the Outbreaker travel backpack?

The Outbreaker travel backpack is not just a new Tortuga backpack. It is a whole new era for Tortuga. We've upgraded everything that goes into the bag from the materials, to the design, to the factory that we work with on production. We added Patrick, our first in-house designer, to the team to level up our product design.

What isn’t changing:

The Outbreaker was designed as a new solution to the same problem. It is a maximum-size, front-loading carry on backpack that is ideal for urban travel. No more baggage fees. No more wasting time at the carousel hoping your luggage shows up. Hit the ground running and get your trip started.

Advanced, adjustable suspension system:

Shoulder straps can be adjusted for different torso heights and the hip belt can be removed for a customized, comfortable fit. With a few adjustments, the Outbreaker will carry as comfortably as a hiking bag, even when navigating a city. Get your perfect fit by following  these instructions.

Like the Tortuga V2, the hip belt takes the weight off the shoulders. We’ve also added  load lifters to the top of the shoulder straps to keep the pack close to your back.

The best materials on the market:

For maximum durability, the Outbreaker is built from X-Ply waterproof sailcloth that won’t scuff or tear.

The Outbreaker is fitted with lockable, water-resistant  YKK AquaGuard coil zippers and Duraflex buckles -- both considered the best on the market -- for added durability.

The Outbreaker’s back panel is made of Ariaprene, a high-performance foam engineered for tough workouts. It might already be in your favorite athletic shoes. If you’re wearing the Outbreaker on a hot summer’s day, the Ariaprene back panel won’t absorb your sweat and, more importantly, won’t smell. Ariaprene is hypoallergenic and moves with your body instead of chafing. Wear a tank top -- or even wear the Outbreaker shirtless -- your skin won’t complain.

Upgrade in organization

The Outbreaker opens like a book for easy organization, quick access, and painless unpacking.

With the Outbreaker, we wanted to give you places for everything without sacrificing a large customizable main compartment. The Outbreaker’s front pocket includes an organizer panel, one of your most requested features. A checkpoint-friendly laptop and tablet compartment means that you can leave your computer in your bag at airport security.

The large main compartment includes zippered mesh pockets on the front panel and extra side pockets for segmenting socks, underwear, and other small items. They are soft-sided so if you don’t use them, they won’t take up any extra space.

We’ve designed the hip belt pockets to “float” so they don’t lose volume when you tighten the hip belt, and they are much more voluminous. Good for pocket dumps at security.

Lay Flat Laptop Compartment

The new laptop compartment unzips on three sides so it can lay flat at security. There are designated spaces for both your laptop and your tablet, as well as 3 additional zippered mesh pockets for wires and other small items.

Discreet water bottle pockets

These are made of stretchy material that lies flat against the bag when not in use so that the bag can hold large water bottles without sacrificing internal packing volume.

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