How do I find the amount for shipping duties, taxes, and fees?

This is a tough question to answer because the costs of duties, taxes, and fees on purchases vary by country.

We have found a tool to help  estimate that cost for you. ** 

(**Disclaimer: This is a quote that is estimated by a third party and cannot be guaranteed.)

Click on the link above and in fill the sections as indicated below.

Section 1

Importing from: United States

Importing to: (your country of residence)

Section 2

Product Description: 4202.92

Product Category: Bags and Accessories

Product Subcategory: Bags - travel bags, toilet bags, rucksacks & sports bags

Product Item: Traveling/ Sports bags of textile; man-made fibres- backpacks

(You will see a few similar options, so be specific about the wording.)

Product Value: (the base amount of the bag you are purchasing in US Dollars)

Country of Manufacture: China

Section 3

Shipping Cost: (Check shipping rates here)

Insurance Cost: $0 (You may be asked to enter an amount, but that amount doesn’t seem to affect the amount of the estimate. We pay for insurance on shipping, not you.)

Here is an example of the form already filled out.

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