What is the circumference of the Outbreaker backpack's chest strap?

The Outbreaker Travel Backpack’s chest strap fits chest sizes of approximately 22-53”.

If you need a longer chest strap, you can make your own sternum strap extender by using this buckle with any 3/4 inch webbing.

1) Determine how long you want the extender to be.

2) Add 4" to that and cut a piece of webbing that length.

3) Stick one end of the webbing through one of the buckle pieces. Fold 1/2" of the end back on itself.

4) Fold it over once more, this time including the buckle to make a loop. Sew through the 3 layers of webbing with a straight stitch (2-3 rows-- or a square-- for added durability) and extra strong thread.

5) Repeat 3 & 4 with the other end and buckle piece. Now your sternum strap is ready to use.

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